Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thoughts on Abstract Art

I believe that virtually anything can be art and that is why I can see abstract art as art. I really agree with the line in Ross' article that "art fictionalizes reality". An artist who creates a piece, is making something real, whether it is an object or an emotion, and turning it into something else. Ross also states that he thinks abstract art is meaningless. I disagree with this thought because everyone has a different view towards art. If someone is confused or unsure, the art that they produce will also look confusing. This is where the essay by Clement Greenberg and John O'Brian come into play.
Ross’ definition of art is that it is, “the selective recreation of reality for the purpose of communicating some aspect of what it means to be human or how we perceive the world.” I do agree that all art is meaningful and that it portrays how we see things. On the contrary, Ross also states that, “abstract modern art is actually meaningless”.
I don’t believe that there should be any limits on what art is. Everyone sees art in a different light. In Greenberg’s essay, he states his concern with the debate over whether or not media is contributing to the idea of what art is defined as. I believe that art is a very personal thing and that everyone does, and has the right to perceive it differently.
Greenberg states, “The poet writes, not so much to express, as to create a thing which will operate upon the reader’s consciousness to produce the emotion of poetry.” This, I think really shows that art isn’t all done for the artist’s sake, but for the reader’s or viewer’s pleasure as well.
As stated in Greenberg’s essay, in the 17th century, literature was the dominant art form. I think that this statement shows how much art has grown since then. Art has gone from literature in the 17th century to a preserved shark in a museum today in the 21st century. I don’t think art necessarily has to be defined as abstract or not. I think it should provoke an emotion by both the artist and the viewer. I do believe that people in general are more likely to view art as something as simple as a painting, when really art can be anything. It is just the general opinion on art, but someone with an appreciation for art can see art as anything. I think people who can show emotion more, are more likely to accept art in all its forms because they can better understand what an artist is thinking. I think art is totally about emotions whether it be good, bad, or confusing.
Art is confusing, especially abstract art, but so is modern life. So I strongly believe that abstract art is not meangingless, as Ross believes.

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